70’s MEN’S Style

seventies fashionWe’ve got LOADS of prime men’s vintage – and we also have a lot of UNWORN men’s 70’s clothing, too. Topshop have a fantastic selection of floaty blouses and have totally embraced the seventies look in their spring collections. The film Saturday Night Fever was inspired by Disco music and the clothes worn in the film became renowned as element of the Seventies style. There was a short fashion for loudly checked tweed Oxford Bags for guys and girls from about 1972. The Seventies saw the brands reputation grow and for the duration of this period they came up with the slogan When your own initials are adequate.” Comme des Garçons Founded in the 1973, Rei Kawakubo place Tokyo on the map as a fashion capital. Numerous men today would choose not to see pictures of themselves in these days which are occasionally considered some of the far more tasteless occasions in fashion history.seventies fashion

The roots for higher street fashion have been firmly planted and, thanks to an unrivalled mail ordering service, girls around the country had been in a position to encounter fast style for the first time. Girls also wore fish tail pencil skirts or two piecce suits fom Oxfam stuff which is now classed as vintage,long 1950s style dresses with arm length black gloves,i and shot jackets.

Balancing your outfit can be as basic as throwing on some contemporary jewelry and accessories, or carrying a hot new designer purse. Born in the worldwide style homes these styles were adopted by the masses and decorated the streets of Britain. With the opening of these new retailers on the Higher Street style was starting to turn out to be a lot more readily available. Floral patterns and prints were fashionable with this trend especially when worn with the peasant style skirt. Of course, the fashion craze also extended to me and I can see plenty of images of myself wearing patchwork dresses and even sequined clothes and airbrushed wigs even before I was five! Yves Saint Laurent backed the peasant style in 1976 with skirts gathered into tiers and shoulder lines dropping. Earlier style shows created it clear that the spring and summer time of 2015 will be filled with all those funky styles the seventies had to supply.

As Van Allan was the leader in Higher Street style it could be compared to as the Topshop of the Seventies. This group of young and upwardly mobile professionals were utterly brand loyal and wearing specific brands of clothes became their way of making a style statement! We have currently seen the revival of several trends but I sincerely hope that this time at least we give a miss to reviving the worst of the seventies fashion! Cat suits, body paint and a camp/androgynous feel symbolised the glam rock style. Flares, denim, long hair and cheesecloth shirts had been the staple of 70s men’s style all through most of the decade. Style was all more than the spot and very influenced by present events, motion pictures, tv and music along with exotic cultures.

Sexier attires reappeared and tight fitting clothes have been worn after once more as glamorous and fabulous clothing gradually returned to the fashion scene producing fashion designers breathe a sigh of relief. Bargain rates and wise deals when you save on vintage seventies fashion on-line these days. Tubular clothes and skimpy A-line dresses gave way to flared and pencil cut skirts of the past and the peace sign was introduced into fashion and we mustn’t overlook the bold prints of the sixties clothing. If you are into retro looks nonetheless, just be careful that you do not finish up looking like you are wearing a seventies costume, unless that is the look you are attempting to achieve. We also have a massive choice of retro leather jackets including Men’s Brown Lambskin Genuine Leather Quick Seventies Bomber Fitted Jacket. Check out our wide choice of vintage boots and shoes from your preferred decade.